Book reviews with Kerry Keight


For the first ten years of my life I lived in Yorkshire and my Dad worked abroad during the week, coming home at the weekends.  Saturday Dad would take me and my siblings to get the weekly shopping and included in this would be a trip to the local newsagents that also sold books! Dad would always buy Mum a bunch of flowers and we could have a magazine or a book, yes I would always get a book!

Sunday was always a big fanfare of a Sunday Dinner (I’m a Yorkshire lass remember) I’d help Mum make the Yorkshire puddings – using her Be-Ro Home Recipes book (which I still have) and a fruit cake for tea time. The flowers would be on the table and the Yorkshires would be the “finest ever” according to Dad. We would spend the rest of the day reading and chatting, and having cold meat sandwiches and cake for tea. Very Enid Blyton, how I miss those gentle family times.

We have major Author Events going on at Linghams…3rd May – David Baldacci, 10th May – Prof Stephen Jackson (introducing an update of the popular Ingimund’s Saga), 18th May – Milly Johnson and Jane Costello (a taster of June events Edward Docx and Chris Boardman, as ever, contact us at the shop on 0151 342 7290, for further details or come in and say hi!


Hes books Bella BathurstBella Bathhurst – Sound

Bella Bathurst is an interesting writer and deafness is that hidden thing people are generally are unaware of unless you have experienced it as a family or yourself.  My mother is deaf and is a prizewinning champion lip reader and as children we learned quickly if we didn’t want mother to know we would speak with our hands over our mouths!  There are over 11 million people in the UK with hearing loss, and this book reveals that our relationship with sound, whether hearing impaired or not is far more complex than most of us could ever realise.


Hes books Jane costello Jane Costello – Summer Nights at the Moonlit Hotel

Jane Costello is a local lass and a very popular author to boot. Her stories are fantastic summer reads and her latest one does not disappoint. Lauren returns to a favourite hotel, which sits on the shores of Lake Windermere, with a couple of friends to learn how to salsa. Great story with believable characters and beautiful descriptions of the Lake District.



Hes books Bobbie PeersBobbie Peers – William Wenton and the Luridium Thief

A first in a new series of books that is perfect for lovers of Percy Jackson and Alex Rider.  William Wenton is fascinated by codes and when he solves the ‘Impossible Puzzle’ he is catapulted into a whirlwind of an adventure with lots of codes, puzzles, robots and plenty of twists and turns.