MP’s column with Alison McGovern

Hes Alison McGovernI recently met with the Heswall Society about local issues affecting the area. It is always good to catch up and work together. It was an opportunity to meet their new Chair Steve Anderson.

The society do great work on behalf of the Heswall community by bringing issues to the centre of attention. Living in Heswall you are most likely aware of their work but you can find out more about them on their website here I look forward to more meetings with the society in the future. It was founded 60 years ago and brings attention to matters such as planning applications and the local history of the area. They also hold discussion topic events for people.

I am also looking forward to visiting the Heswall Rotary Society in the coming weeks to give them a talk about balancing my role as an MP and I thank them for inviting me to come along. It’s always great to meet with local rotary groups and I am look forward to meeting with the Heswall club again.

As ever if I can assist you with anything whether it is an issue relating to the Heswall area or a personal case you want to discuss with me then please do get in contact with my office.