Parking charges at Wirral Country Park?

hes wirral country park 5A funding shortfall could force Wirral Council to charge for car parking at the area’s country parks.

The Wirral Globe reports that a decision was quietly passed at the end of last year to start the process of buying new pay and display equipment for the country parks in Greasby, Frankby Irby, Pensby and Thingwall, West Kirby and Thurstaston, Eastham and New Brighton.

Leader of the Conservatives on Wirral Council, Cllr Jeff Green, was quoted as saying: “Having seen this decision and investigated the intention behind it has been confirmed that this equipment is destined for the introduction of car parking charges at Royden Park, Arrowe Park, Wirral Country Park and Eastham Country Park along with Perch Rock in New Brighton.

I’m sure Labour councillors are conscious of how unpopular the suggestion was last time it was tabled but it appears they are determined to try and sneak this through with the bare minimum of consultation.

A council spokesman explained that it must address its largest ever single year budget deficit, with £45m of cuts in the next financial year.

The spokesman blamed ‘huge reductions’ in the funding the council receives from local government, adding: “One of the areas we will look at is car parking; in particular, modest increases in tariffs at car parks across the borough, and putting in charges at some car parks which are currently free.”